Thursday, May 2, 2013

Arriving in Iona

The next morning, we left Oban, 
heading North on a ferry to Craignure, 
passing Duart castle,
and a gorgeous lighthouse
(Lismore Light in Kilpatrick, Scotland)

while being enveloped in 50 shades of grey!
A sure indication of exactly how much my work has impacted 
my life and viewpoint
(as if I needed reminders)
came while friends and I were discussing 
the beauty and remoteness of the castle.

Their first thoughts were on the need to band
together in the face of enemies from all directions
 (roving, warring clans, Vikings etc);
mine, I sheepishly admitted,
was on how much abuse, domestic violence 
and incest must have gone on inside those walls!

Trust me, 
from the expressions on their faces,
I knew
not one of them had come close
to sharing that thought!

One of them even gently remarked,
"No wonder you need a vacation".

She didn't know the half of it!

I guess that's why the road signage 
in Scotland
 had such special appeal to me...

I know,
sounds crazy,
but when I saw this
it felt like a message to myself -

to allow this time away to be
an opportunity to let things pass -
to let them go -
to leave the world I know behind
and experience a different reality.

My all time favorite sign -
one which would become the focal point of many journal entries -
and, I suspect many more now that I'm back,

was this one -
Obviously, for the one lane streets
that compromised much of the Scots roadways
we were traveling, 
this makes perfect sense.
But, on a deeper level,
I thought of how little I allow myself to be 'overtaken',
to lose control,
to be overwhelmed - 
by anything other than 
despair and sadness.

With these thoughts,
and more,
cavorting in my head, 
it's no wonder that by the time we reached
our next docking point
(the northern most tip of the Isle of Mull),
I was delighted that both the weather
changed drastically!
Suddenly, it was sunny
with turquoise waters 
and our first sighting of Iona
only a short ferry ride away
 across the sound.
The Abbey is on the far right.
Our hotel (St Columba) 
is the largest white building, top left)
and the highest peak on the island
behind them both is Dun I
(pronounced Dun E)
which I would climb later that week -
much to my surprise and delight!

My room had a gorgeous painting
which perfectly set the tone
and a view
which perfectly framed 
my vision
(of the Bishops House and back across the sound to Fionnphort,
on the Isle of Mull)
I was ready for the week to unfold -
and to explore the island!

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